14 MayAccess SmarterMail with a Hostgator Coupon

With Hostgator’s SmarterMail feature, you can manage tasks and set up appointments on your calendar. You will receive an e-mail reminder before the appointment. Click on Collaborate, then Calendar, and then the new appointment link. You can enter the subject and start and due dates. Then click save.

Find and edit your event: click on the upcoming appointments link. Then click on the event. You can click on the Recurrence information tab to check off how often it happens. You can enter a description in about the event if you like. You can click on Categories or Master categories to organize your appointments in a more orderly fashion. You can click on Save now. Using Hostgator coupons is a great way to get you started on saving with Hostgator.

You can also delete an appointment if it is no longer needed. You simply click on the name of the subject and then click delete. You can load these video tutorials on Hostgator quickly and easily. Make sure to take advantage of great savings by using a Hostgator coupon.

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